Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Now Tell Me Again...

...that this country was NOT founded on Christian values...

Christianity in the Capitol

I love my country!  The Constitution of the United States of Amercia was set up so that you can worship God as you please.  The document and laws that enforce it protect you against a government run religion.  The document and laws that enforce it protect you against being forced to worship at all

The Constitution and laws that uphold it give you rights even if you do not believe in God. If the words in the motto of this country - IN GOD WE TRUST - means absolutely nothing to you...then they are just that...words. When the pledge to the flag is recited with hand over heart, if you do not believe the line "One Nation under God," then you can either not recite the pledge at all or not recite that one line.  When heads are bowed in prayer, do not bow yours.

I will defend your right to worship God OR NOT. I will always be appalled that some madman walked into a Sikh temple and killed innocent people.  I will always be angered that a so-called Christian blew up an abortion clinic.

HOWEVER, do not infringe on my rights as given to me by the Constitution of my country to worship my God as I please.

ALSO, do not move to my country from yours where you are escaping persecution by your government and try to turn my country into a country like yours.


the Preacher's wife said...


Kar said...

Amen Sherry!!!! Well said.

Anonymous said...

LOVED you comments and I truly wish more God-loving Americans felt the same way! But sadly, some of them believe that they should stay out of politics, which is contrary to Biblical principles.

Christians, true followers of Christ need to stand up and be counted in the public arena. VOTE IN NOVEMBER. Do not be idle for God WILL hold you accountable IF you believe HE and HE alone, gave us this country.


Uniontown, OHIO