Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Colt's Quilt and His Baby Brother

I completed Colt's ABC quilt! AND...entered it in the quilt section of the craft fair where it won...FIRST PLACE. :D

In all honesty, it was a small show. However, the coordinator said that the two out-of-town quilters who judged the quilts used the word "meticulous" when describing my work. :) I'm happy!
Polka dot backing.

Cain is really a little monkey!

I can only post what I'm sent right now.  Seems to be all Cain at the moment. Itching to get my hands on all three of them again!


ga447 said...

Congrat on your win. I love the quilt for Colt, the color combo is super!

Kar said...

The quilt is awesome! Congrats on the win. How cute is that little monkey! So adorable. :)

elsie123 said...

Cain is so sweet! And great work on the quilt, well deserved ribbon.