Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weeds and WILD

It's very sad when good property is allowed to go to weed.... The photos below are from former pastures on opposite sides of the road...two different parcels of land with two different owners. At one time, both had cattle grazing.
Now...nothing but weeds with purple flowers...
...and yellow flowers.
I think these are golden rod, but am not certain. Good thing I am not sensitive to this stuff!!
Can you guess that this is the "wild" part of today's post? :) This was one of the classes at the quilt retreat I attended in Branson MO a couple of weeks ago. It's a block of white fabric. I drew on it...well, I made marks on it with permanent markers - Sharpies. Placed it on a couple of layers of paper towels then sprayed it was 90% alcohol...check the bottle label some is 70%. Remove the towels, place another dry towel or two under it to keep it from running all over the place. When it's dry enough...I even picked it up and waved it in the air...the alcohol tries pretty quick. Voila! My very own, one of a kind, yougly ;) fabric!

I think this would make a great kid's art project!


Florida Farm Girl said...

Yep, the gold stuff is golden rod. It gets a bad rap for causing allergies, when in reality its the ragweed that blooms at the same time that causes most of the problems!!!

It is sad to see pastures go to seed. So much nicer to see something grazing there.

Holee said...

That's just what we are looking for, a house/field to buy to raise sheep! I've joined "Sheep to Shawl" again. This time I'd love to have my own sheep and wool...maybe next year.