Sunday, October 7, 2012


So. I'm leaving the grocery store the other day. The young man who sacked my groceries for me was pushing the buggy (I'm from Texas - it's a BUGGY not a cart). This car starts to back out...I looked at Young Man and say, "Wow that's sure an ugly car. What is it?" I look at the grill on the front. "Fiat. Is that a Fiat?" 

Young Man says, "Looks like it." 

Driver of said ugly car puts the shifter in Drive. I see her grinning from ear to ear. Then I see the driver's side window is down about four inches.

I look at her and mouth, Did you hear me? 
Still grinning, she makes eye contact with me and nods her head, Yes.


I guess I gave Young Man something to tell his mother about when he got home that evening.

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Kar said...

That is hilarious Sherry! I would have told her that it was still ugly. Not one of my favorite cars. I'm sure the young man got a chuckle from you on this one. :)