Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's Sunday!

Parents, PLEASE! Look at your kids' clothing before leaving the house! Her two sizes too small thong is cutting her hips in half. Then her too tight dress magnifies all the bumps and humps including the fat dimples! And she's really not too big...the clothes are just too tight. (For those of you who remember - looks like she has on a sanitary napkin doesn't it!!)

Cain loves chocolate chip cookies - just further proof that he is my grandson. :D

I made King Cup Cakes for our monthly birthday cake at work. Neither the judge nor I could find purple sugar crystals anywhere (without ordering which we waited too late to do) so she purchased purple cupcake papers. The recipe is on King Arthur Flour's website.

Yippee!!! After 21 hours of hand quilting, I completed the first pass on my applique quilt! The border is 10" x 94"...crosshatched and outlining the vine on both sides.

Next roll on the frame - starting on the blocks. I originally planned on calling this Rose of Sharon variation "Sherry's Rose." But since the death of Mama nearly a year ago now, this will be "Shirley's Rose."


Florida Farm Girl said...

You're doing good, girl!!! I can't wait to see this beauty all finished.

Holee said...

OMG...and the thong is black to top it off. Time to bring back the slip and stockings! I also hate bare legs, you get to see all the ugly.

The quilt is beautiful as it the chocolate kid!