Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Flowers

My sprained ankle severely set my yard work back. Everything has had to do its own thing.

My bluebonnets are just about wiped out. 

We have acidic soil and they don't like it. The ag teacher at high school told me I needed to put some lime out. I can't do that in my planting beds because the azaleas and the camellia prefer acidic soil. The bluebonnets down by the road look pretty poorly.

The camellia was loaded this year!

I planted hostas in six places...have only one left. The bed is just too sunny.
 Speaking of azaleas...

I have a few yellow and purple old-fashion irises.

This shot was taking on toll road 130 around Austin traveling at about 80 mph. :) Legal speed limit. These are bluebonnets.  

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Kar said...

The bluebonnets are gorgeous! I love seeing all those blue fields in the spring time. I would be definitely moving the bluebonnets so that they can have all the lime they want. How is your ankle feeling? Much better I hope. :)