Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pressing Issue

I've gone through two rather pricey irons since 2005. (Don't you love the title pun?! :D)

The first was a Rowenta that worked perfectly for a few years until the water reservoir ruptured causing it to slobber all over everything. I sent it on to Jonathan who was ironless. He said it quit heating pretty shortly after that.

The next was a Shark. I had heard good things about it. It quit while Jonathan was ironing a pair of pants. (Jonathan has moved back home temporarily.) I told him where the two old irons were located and to use the Black & Decker because the GE has a frazzled cord.

The B&D still worked, but just did not get hot enough IMHO. Frazzled cord and all, I plugged the GE in and turned it on. It got hot quick. Jonathan told me to get the Shark, which I fished out of the trash. He needed screwdrivers and a pair of pliers. Working together we took the cord off the Shark and put it on the GE.

It was a wedding gift in 1971. It is still as hot as it was when new. Does a beautiful job on 100% cotton curtains. Made in the USA! Built to last. :D

OH! Is this considered VINTAGE?! LOL


Kar said...

Good thing you had quick thinking Jonathan around. I hate throwing things away when I know that they would still work great only if... :)

elsie123 said...

I'd say its more quality than vintage...

Sherry said...

Quality! Perfect!!