Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Beautiful Day to Ride!

We left the house this morning all bundled up against the 53 degree temperature and rode 40 miles to Longview for the Harley Shop's open house. I rode my own bike. Here's proof:

Mine is the solid red bike in front. Sam's is the cream and burgundy beside it.

We hung around there most of the day before heading home. When we got home, I had Sam to adjust my handlebars just a bit closer to me again and attach my new "glove compartment," better known as a windshield bag. Now I have a place to put my shades or whatever. I also purchased a red cap with bling-bling on the visor and a turtleneck sweater. All, of course, with Harley-Davidson logos!

Look at this! Some guy refurbished a WWII era Military Police motorcycle! Look at the "hand grenades" in front of the leather saddlebag.

Oh! We won two door prizes! Sam won a breast cancer awareness cap, white with a pink bow. Then I won a pair of pink-framed sunglasses...I'm not into pink very much. I saw a friend's little girl and gifted them to her. She was really excited...the shades match her pink helmet!


Your Son said...

If Sam doesn't want the hat, I know someone who would love it.

Sherry said...

Hey, Jonathan! We gave the hat and sunglasses to the same little girl. I know Frances would've liked to have had the cap...sorry I didn't think about her.

BTW, I e-mailed you...did you ever get the Samsung car charger?