Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Third Place Ribbons!

I won two third place ribbons this year during our local fair! I entered a quilt, a pair of knitted socks, a knitted shrug, and some scuppernong jelly. The shrug and the jelly placed third in their categories. (Note: Scuppernongs are a wild grape native to North America. http://www.answers.com/topic/scuppernong and http://southernfood.about.com/library/weekly/aa091998.htm

Sam and I were in Jefferson for the Boo Benefit (motorcycle rally). A girlfriend entered my items and took care of them for me.

Our Friends of the Library group won several ribbons in the food categories! Pat won Sweepstakes with her cookie recipe. Earlene and her mother placed second and third, but I've forgotten what they entered. Those three recipes are in our cookbook...which is for sale...see the relevant post below... Nancy won first place in jellies with her pomegranate jelly...then I got third. We eat good!

I had a request to post photos of the front of the shrug (this was before makeup and hair was combed) and the other items I entered:


Holee said...

I'd love to see the front of the shrug and where are the socks & quilt, would love to see them? What is in the jelly? Fruit?

Holee said...

I love the cuffs on the shrug. Clothing for women in the 30's/40's always had the longer cuffs. There is something romanic about that look. Thanks for showing me the front. I am doing one right now that buttons at the bottom in the front, but it's buttoning in just the wrong place..rip rip rip out again!

I struggle with socks. Mine always look like 2 different socks when I'm finished.

Of course the quilt is lovely and you should have won something for it. All quilts should get some kind of ribbon just for the work that went into them.

So enjoyed the Scuppernongs site, now I know how to eat them! By the sounds of it, it must be a very sweet jelly.