Monday, July 6, 2009

Baking and Sewing

A bread machine is a wondrous thing. Or a curse. Depending on how much of the finished product you eat. The first thing I soon as the bread is out of the pan, I go against the 'rules.' Yep. I'm a rule breaker. I take a serrated knife and slowly slice off the top of the loaf. I butter it. And share with Sam. Alas. Sam was running an errand. Before he left I told him (I remember explicitly telling him) that the bread would be ready in 10 minutes. Poor dear. Lucky ME! I didn't have to share this time. ;o)

I followed along with the Minnesota quilters/designers' blog hop. The very first blog had a pattern for quilt as you go placemats. "Anyday Placemats" from Gudrun's World - . I changed one element (rule breaker yet again) and came up with these.

I've had the fabric for two or three years. Back then, I received the tablerunner in a swap. I already had the matching blue so trotted back to the store for more blue, the same fabric in tan with white, and a blue and white to coordinate.

Total, I made eight placemats.

Thanks Michele in Brazoria Texas for the tablerunner!


Shogun said...

When I first saw the title I thought it said, "Barking and Sewing" and thought it was going to be a story about trying to sew with a dog!

Gudrun Erla said...

Great job Sherry, love the blue in the placemats. You should always try and break rules when you are sewing....that is my mantra. Wish I could taste that bread, it looks yummy!! Thanks for stopping in for the Hop.

elsie123 said...

Mmm, you've got the bread and placemats...but I'm dying to know how the ribs came out with the bacon on top? Fallin' off the bones delicious???