Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Happened Monday

I forgot to tell on myself!

I went out Monday afternoon to help Sam put up plywood around the inside of his shop. He's putting it up to keep from snagging the insulation and eventually making a mess of the walls in his shop. I held two or three sheets while he screwed them in place. Since he'd been out most of the afternoon, he called it quits and I came on in the house, cleaned up and changed clothes. I looked at my watch. 5 o'clock and remembered the Friends of the Library meeting at 5:30. So I called Sam (aren't cell phones great?!) to let him know where I was going.

I ran by McDonald's for one of their large $1 diet Dr. Peppers. As I approached the library...there's not a single car. I pulled up and the lights are off inside. After checking my date calendar and my cell phone, I called the librarian. (Earlene and I have known each other since fifth grade. I consider her my best friend.)

At the last meeting, the president announced that she'd be out-of-town. Everyone voted to put the meeting off for a week since nothing was scheduled.

Okay. I had my DDP so it wasn't a dry run to town. BUT...did I sleep during that part of the meeting?

After I got home and Sam made it in the house, he looked at me quizically since I'd been gone only 30 minutes. I told him...and also mentioned that I didn't have a clue as to why I forgot. In a bit, he asked when the last meeting was. DUH...a month ago. Sam looked at me...WHAT DATE? When I told him, he smiled. I wasn't at that meeting. We had returned from Mt. View late that afternoon. HALLELUJAH! You can't forget something you don't know! Onset of Alzheimer's postponed for another 24 hours.


karenfae said...

always nice to know there is a reason for not remembering something that you feel you should have known! I have been in the habit of writing things down for years now or my mind plays tricks on me :)

Shogun said...

Oh yeah, I have to write things down RIGHT AWAY or I will forget so many little things! If I ever lose my little planner I will be in trouble.