Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

Remember the movie? I love everything Jessica Tandy starred in. She was a fantastic actress. I also enjoyed the movies she made with her husband Hume Cronyn. They don't make actresses like that any more. Hmmm...Sandra Bullock. I like her. I like Julia Roberts' movies too.

I just listened to the audiobook. Quite a few differences between the movie and the book.

But, that's not where I intend to go today. This is where I'm going...to last night's supper...

Surprise! Fried green tomatoes!! First, you slice 'em. Not too thick. Not too thin. If you get them too thick, they take longer to cook. If you get them too thin, they cook too quick. So. what's just right? About 1/4". Not over 3/8" thick.

After you slice 'em, drop them in some buttermilk. You've got to have something for the cornmeal to stick to.

From there, you coat them with seasoned cornmeal. I just use salt and pepper. But if you want to get fancy, you can add some other seasonings. What? Beats me. I like salt and pepper. I NEVER season enough cornmeal to start with...it's that frugality thing.

Let them rest giving the buttermilk time to soak up the cornmeal. You might have to turn them another time to make certain all the wet areas are covered with cornmeal.

While they were resting, I worked on the chicken. I filetted (is that spelled correctly?) filleted/filletted...you get the idea...two chicken breasts. Actually, I should've left these alone. They weren't that thick. Salt, pepper, and a bit of a seasoning mix that Sam's sister Linda fixes.

After they go in the skillet, I sprinkle with Lea & Perrin's White Wine Worcestershire sauce. Only now they call it by the highly distinguished term "Rooster Booster." Sheesh! Brown on one side. Turn. The key to good chicken is not to overcook it. Unfortunately, these were overcooked and not fork tender. Like I said, I shouldn't've filet-ed...well, I shouldn't've cut them in half.

As soon as the chicken went in the saute pan, I placed the tomatoes in the hot oil (medium heat). About 1/2" of oil in the skillet.

After they brown on one side, flip them. Brown on the second side. If they seem to be cooking too fast, turn the heat down.

When they are done, place on paper toweling to drain the oil away. (Photos end here...Sam walked into the kitchen.) Sam eats his straight. I eat some straight, some with ketchup.

Yep. That's all we had. Sam had been working outside in the heat and was hungry, but not too hungry. When he came in and I told him the intended menu, he stopped me at chicken and fried green tomatoes. That was enough.

If you've never had fried green tomatoes, they may be an acquired taste. They can be just a tiny bit bitter. I guess that's why I like the ketcup on mine. But the main thing is I DO like them!

Bon appetit. Or as we say here in the south...Dgeet yet?


Kar said...

My mouth is watering! I haven't made fried green tomatoes in a long time. I'm surely gonna have to pick some from the garden and make some now. Yummo! I can't wait for the okra either! That's good eatin'!

Have a great day dear!

Shogun said...

Wouldn't it be easier if I just came over and you cooked some for me?

I have never eaten fried green tomatoes, but since I have lots of tomatoes in the garden, maybe I should try this recipe.