Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Elementary School

Seventh grade - Junior High

5th Grade - Elementary 4th Grade - Elementary3rd Grade, Wylie

3rd Grade - Elementary - (We moved at mid-term so I have two 3rd grade pictures.)Not a school photo...but you can see why it's one of my favorites!2nd Grade - Sam Houston - Grand Prairie Texas (I bought the dress, some socks and panties with my birthday money. I remember being so proud!)
1st Grade - Sam Houston - Grand Prairie Texas


lani said...

I had those outfits cutie pie you

Kar said...

Oh my gosh Sherry! How cute! Your pics bring back alot of memories of all of my old school pics. Just adorable! :)

About the book, very scary at how things are turning towards socialism in this country and still too many are sitting back and letting it happen by not saying something and remind Congress who is really the boss. Just about sickening.

Anyhoo, have a great night/day tomorrow. :)


Shogun said...

I can see you have the same great cheek bones now!!

Gloria said...

You make me smile most everyday with your nostalgic postings....from the rocks in the gas tank, beat him and the bangs look so familiar.....actually I think I am still sporting those bangs today....what can I say I don't like change. :)