Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Wanna Talk About Me!

***Can't imbed the song so you'll have to click to hear it...

I thought about dedicating a post to each brother. Then thought. Nah! This is my blog. It's about ME. They can always start their own blog.

Here we ALL are.

Not many photos of all four of us after the brat was born. ;o) It may be obvious why from these two photos.

Before brat ... okay. His name is Joey. With cousins. Jerry, BJ, Junior, me, Harry Wayne, James.

Just us three.



Billy, Harry Wayne cousin like a brother, Junior., me.

A favorite of mine. Harry hugging Junior and me.


I loved my babies. And I have on cowgirl boots too!

Billy in the car reminds me! We lived on NW 22nd Street in Grand Prairie. A dead end road on the last street in the new addition. No house directly across the street from us, but there was a pond. (Not so now! Houses upon houses, convenience store selling beer on the corner! Things do change!!) A kid like Eddie Haskel on Leave it to Beaver lived on our street. Nobody believed him. He came running in the house yelling something about Billy driving the car across the street and was going straight for the pond. Mama rolled her eyes and went to the front door to look outside. She got into high gear when she saw the car rolling backwards. Billy had climbed into it and knocked it out of gear (standard). It slowed down when it hit the curb and she was able to jump in and stop it. He was older than this, but...under six years old!

The big boy is Harry Wayne. Poor Junior is crying. Mama said the photographer said something about sit still while "I shoot" you.


Shogun said...

I love these photos with stories - keep them comin'!

You've got Chantilly Lace down there on your playlist, reminds me of my dad. He loved that song. He's been gone 5 years now.

karenfae said...

I love all your old photo's they remind me a lot of my own old family photos - the car even looks the same!

Gloria said...

You where a chubba...very cute. I see the resemblance between you and your mama. Hey doesn't everyone have a cousin Junior!

Great pics love the one of you and your bloomers!

Kar said...

I am hurting from laughing and smiling so much! You crack me up! It's a wonder all of our moms aren't in straight jackets! LOL!!!!