Monday, August 3, 2009

One Quilt Complete...So I HAVE to Begin Another!

That's what quilters do! Sorta. Sometimes we don't actually complete one quilt project before starting another. They are called UFO UnFinishedObject. And. Yes, I have a few of those.

But this fabric was begging to be cut. I've actually heard my name being called as I walked past my stash door. What else could I do?!

So, I cut the 'focus' fabric to stack on top of the next piece lining up the design...Wait a minute. Quiltbea explains this better than me...

But aren't they so pretty?!

First borders added...
Remaining borders added. Block complete.
I've been loosely following a pattern and found an error...repeated. Had I been cutting everything at one time, I'd been out of fabric. But I learned a long time ago to just cut enough for one block. Sometimes I've even used Christmas fabrics for a trial block. Eventually I'll have a Christmas quilt top to quilt.

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Gloria said...

Good Morning Mz. Sherry:

First let me same that I am glad your hubbie is on the mend. He did a great job on the potty room.

The quilt is gorgeous, I can't believe how much time goes into a quilt that size and to think you pricked your finger and got blood on it....well the hydrogen may work or try apple cider vinegar..,I use that myself.

I see you entered the give away and things for linking....and yes I will count your side by too...:)

Tom and I are Texas bound 3 weeks...we will be leaving on the the 25th..who knows you just might see us...:)