Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Sister?

I must've really been out of it yesterday. I don't have 'a' sister. LOL Don't know why I'd want 'another' one. Sheesh.

Mama's on her own. She has food in the refrigerator. I got scatter rugs off the floor. PIcked up odds and ends of things she's piled where it's convenient. (I'll be in trouble when she can maneuver enough to start trying to locate her possessions.) Laundry baskets set aside for jammies and undies... and another for towels. The laundry room is straightened up with her new upright freezer in place. Baby brother Joey has to move the two filing cabinets out of the dining room back into the laundry room. I put two pieces of paper in the proper places on the floor with directions about which cabinet goes where (not where they were). When he gets it done...I'll see if he follows directions. LOL

Most of all...Mama is coherent. She's following medication directions. Not getting up and roaming the house at night. I'm concerned about her fluid intake so took the insulated large mug the hospital charged an arm and a leg for, packed it with ice, filled it with water and put the lid on with the straw. I left her with instructions to drink from it every time she passed it. This evening when I went to check on her...there wasn't but about an inch and a half gone. She does drink milk when she takes her meds as well as a glass of tea with her meals. So she's probably getting more fluid intake than I realize.

Older brother Junior (yep, got one of them), his wife, and their teenage grandson were there. They brought food! Grilled chicken and ribs, scalloped potatoes, pinto beans, cheese, barbeque sauce. We sat and visited. Younger brother BJ came in. He wanted t-shirts for the 'family reunion.' I think Mama dropped him on his head when he was a baby. ;o) Eventually everyone left. I got her supper on the table. Junior had cooked for I brought my part home and shared with Sam.

Don't go "Shame!" Mama's not much on left over meat. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

And the story continues...


Kar said...

You crack me up! Glad to hear you Mom is back home. Sounds like fun with the whole gang over at her place. And yummy food!

Hope you have a great week dear!

Shogun said...

I've been wondering how you are doing.

So you mentioned food and BBQ sauce...have you ever had pizza made with BBQ sauce. I love it! I know that is way of subject.....