Friday, October 30, 2009

End of the Week

And a long week it's been too! I worked 40 hours this week. I haven't done that since August 2003!!! Whew.

Mama has settled down. She's still hurting and still worried about whether the surgery worked because the nerve across the top of her left hip still hurts when she walks...but of course it hasn't had time to heal yet. She really knows that...but there's still that little bit of doubt and worry that she's gone through the pain of surgery for nothing.

I remembered to put my camera in my purse. This is what the western evening sky looked like yesterday (Thursday) when I left the library (it's behind me).

The weather was really supposed to kick up. It did east of us in Louisiana, but we weren't hit hard at all. Thank God! Daingerfield is an old town...supposed to be the second oldest in Texas after Nacogdoches. The above photo is actually a second location. The original town was several blocks south...and burned. Businesses moved to the railroad track to rebuild. The cars are parked by probably the newest church building in town...although another is in the process of being built now.

I took some "color" photos on the way home.

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