Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Day...Another Cookbook!

Sam got up early to go to VA for bloodwork before his checkup on Friday. I stayed in bed. When I did get up, I decided to go to Mt. Pleasant for a little stocking shopping. This afternoon, I bundled up some of the peanut butter cookies to take to City Hall...made that quick trip, then back home.

I had fried chicken for lunch. LOL They gave me one napkin. I had that good ole grease dripping off my elbows, and they give me ONE napkin. Lots of finger-licking going on!
I don't know where this cookbook came from. It is a modern how to live and cook country. Making sausages...brewing beer!...pressing cheese. The author combines the best of the old ways and recipes using modern methods in a modern kitchen.
Honestly, I haven't really used it much, but it does make an interesting read.
The Country Kitchen Cookbook
by Jocasta Innes

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Glo said...

Hi Sherry: How r u and Sam? Tom and I are adjusting to Austin, we have been very very busy but we did make time to go to San Antonio during Thanksgiving. We really like here and i am so grateful to be here for the winter rather than Boston. I am sitting here catching up on blog reading. Well wish you and yours a happy happy wonderful xmas.