Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sewing Stuff For Sale

Okay. If I can't do any better than this...I need to get out of the business!

Did you notice that even the hanger loop is on the wrong side. For those of you who do not sew...the lining will not stuff inside the stocking because it's sewn in backwards! In other words...toe will be in the heel and vice versa. Sheesh. And I'm outta chocolate! I think. Lemma look. OH! I found some Lindt Intense Dark. Gimme a minute.


It started with a preprinted stocking front on a piece of fabric I received in the 20 Things I Want For Christmas Holee hosted over on the HGTV quilting forum. This was one of the items Wenonah/Jackie sent me in my gift box. Sam and I are going to the Longview H.O.G. Christmas party Saturday. Entrance fee is a gift for a child. They are waiting on the dining room table, and I thought I'd make the two stockings too.

The first one. Arrgghhh! First, I sewed wrong sides together - which means the wrong side would be outside. Since I sewed it on the serger, I just cut the seam allowance off, flipped the pieces and reserged. Sewed the lining and left a few inches in the bottom of the foot for turning. Lined seams, inserted loop, serged around the top. Pulled through the hole in the foot. SERGED the hole closed! THEN found out what I'd done.

Just to show you that I did fix it...and did NOT repeat the same mistakes with the second stocking.

To make ME feel better...how about me showing you this again?

To make ME and YOU feel even better...

Sure wish I could take credit for this photo.

Another cookbook! My Lake Jackson sister-in-law, Barbara, gave these one year for Christmas. It has soooo many great recipes. Unlike most of the recipes submitted for this type cookbook, the Symphony League tried out each and every recipe before including it in the book.

My favorite recipes are the Breakfast Casserole on page 45...it uses waffles instead of the usual bread in most recipes like this. And Cinnamon Pull Apart Bun that uses frozen dinner rolls, powdered butterscotch pudding, brown sugar and other good stuff. I also like the Crawfish Etouffee, contributed by the Cajun co-ower of On The River and Riverside restaurants, on page 100. Another of our favorite restaurants, Red Snapper Inn at Surfside, posted their recipe for A La Grecque Sauce. Absolutely delicious over grilled fish and shrimp. Almost forgot about the Cream Cheese Casserole. Around here it is called Sopapilla Casserole or something or other. It's made with those cans of crescent rolls in the dairy section of the grocery store and cream cheese...butter...cinnamon and sugar.

Oh! Lunch time. Catcha later!


JessicaSews said...

The poor stocking! Sadly, I have had projects go just like this - some are probably in a bag somewhere.
Only the darkest chocolate (my fav) will get you through this, I say Lindt too! :)

1. What is that lady wearing?!!
2. Sean....yay!

Enjoy the holidays!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I thought I was the only one who did things like you did with the stocking. Isn't it nice that we can put stuff on our blogs like that and laugh about it? Thanks for the Sean pic...made me feel better today, too!