Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pizza Peel

I sent Sam a web-link or two and he made this. Slanted edge and all!
I wanted one to slide my risen bread dough into the oven onto the hot pizza stone...
So that I could bake more bread. (This photo is from an earlier baking day.)
Remember the Christmas cactus? Of course you do! Right now a photo of it is in my header. Bernice White from Wadsworth gave me these two cookbooks too. Both books have the Natchitoches Meat Pie recipe. I've eaten them in Natchitoches, but haven't made them yet. These books are so much fun to just read. I have to keep a handkerchief with me so that I can wipe the drool off the pages though. ;o)
PIrates Pantry, 1976, The Junior League of Lake Charles, Incorporated.
Cane River Cuisine, 1974, by The Service League of Natchitoches, Inc.

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