Sunday, February 28, 2010

Talk About an Attitude Adjustment

I 'visited' Penny Quilts a few minutes ago. (Her blog is listed in my blog list down on the right.) While I was reading her post, I thought...she's married to the same man I'm married too! WOW

When Sam and I first married, my 13-year old came with me...and his 18/19 year old son eventually moved in with us for a while. I can still hear, "Who left the lights on?" Since there were four of us in the house, and I knew that I didn't leave the lights on, the brilliant deduction would've been 'one of the boys.' AHA!!! Now there are only two of us in the house. I never hear "Who left the lights on?" Because we both know who did...SAM!

Sam is a good cook. He made beef stew yesterday, and it was delicious (even if he did omit the bay leaf...he said he didn't miss it...I did...another story). I heard him stirring, then whacking the spoon on the slow cooker insert. It's ceramic. Ceramic chips/breaks/cracks/crazes. So, once again, "Sam, don't whack the spoon on the side of the bowl!" The reply was "Who's cooking?"

But...he is using MY tools!

He forgets the time I used the wrong drill bit to drill a drain hole in the bottom of a ceramic pot. When he told me what I'd done (I thought a drill bit was a drill bit was a drill bit)...from then on, whenever I used his tools, I'd ask if "this" one will do what I wanted it to do. I mean, I never used his screwdriver like a chisel or a punch and whacked the handle end with a hammer. (So this is my argument for next time.)

Meantime, my stainless stirring spoons are getting rough edges where they are whacked against cast iron...and my bowls (cooking AND serving) are in danger of being chipped. I do not use chipped, cracked, or crazed dishes, ceramics, glass. Yes, I can go buy replacements. But some of my things are rather nice. Some are collectibles. And I'd much rather buy more fabric or yarn than replace a chipped bowl. Let's keep this in perspective please.

But you should see my new floor! Sam did a wonderful job!!

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Penny said...

Yup. My husband feels your pain!