Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Survived

Whew! Still had a bit of a tender tummy this morning, but other than not being very hungry this evening, I'm doing pretty good. I did find out that there is evidently a virus making its rounds at high school. The secretary said a teacher went home before the end of the day yesterday making the same statement..."If I could only throw up, I'd feel better." AHA! I resembled that remark Wednesday evening!! After I thought about it, I remember seeing a girl last Friday or this past Monday, she had one leg of her jeans rolled up about six inches. I asked if she was making a fashion statement...someone had thrown up and it splattered on her leg. Yucko...she was handling it pretty good I thought. She cleaned the leg of her jeans, rolled up the one cuff...and went about her day. LOL I've been quilting on Sherry's Rose!!! Progress photos later...if the crosshatching shows up on camera...

It's been a while since I showed off a cookbook. This one has some great old faithful recipes in it.

and this should make all of us feel better. ;o)


Penny said...

I have been sick as a dog, all day. I think I have your virus. I can't eat (the notion is repugnant) but I sure have figured out the route to the bathroom. TMI.

Kar said...

I hope the weekend will be better for you. Nothing worse than being sick and then not being able to get sick so you feel better. I love being a home body and not having to get around too many people sometimes.