Saturday, March 6, 2010

"New" Photos

Before we loaded up in Mama's car to go to the visitation in DeKalb, Aunt Ruthie handed Mama a bag with some photographs in it. She told me that I might want some of them. Well...DUH! I scanned them and have them in date order here.

I have to return the original of this to Mama. Taken in 1952 or 1953.
Daddy worked for Lone Star Boat Company (He is posed in front of his truck here) in Grand Prairie (between Dallas and Ft. Worth). While I was in the second grade, LS sold out to Chrysler Boats and the whole operation was moved to Wylie. Daddy found another job, we moved to Daingerfield then, and I started school here. At mid-term we moved to Wylie...Chrysler asked Daddy to come manage the trucking department! Quite an offer for a man who dropped out of school in the seventh grade. Well...he didn't take to management rules very well. He couldn't visit his former co-workers' homes and play dominoes with them. Then during a strike, the union officials made promises that they immediately reneged on when the strike was over. Back to Daingerfield for the beginning of the fourth grade for me.

Awww...ain't I a cutie?! YEP! A fat little cutie!
I don't ever remember seeing this portrait!

My junior high graduation in May or June 1967. If I remember correctly the dress was a very, very pale yellow. Or pink. I don't wear yellow because of the yellow undertones in my skin. I look sick in yellow. That's why this might've been pink. But for some reason I'm thinking yellow. Mama made it of course.

Janis is pregnant here probably with Billy...and I'm SKINNY! Hmmm...probably 1978. Don't you LOVE Janis' BIG glasses and Mama's BIG hair?! LOL
How about a closeup of skinny me?! I LOVE IT!

September 1992, the printed date from developing says September 1994. How many roles of undeveloped film do YOU have?! Thinking about events during that is 1992.
The big man sitting in front on the right, petting the dog, is my first husband Ron...Jonathan's daddy. Jonathan is in the yellow shirt with suspenders right behind him. I'm in front of brother Billy who is getting the rabbit ear treatment from Daddy. WOW is my hair TALL! LOL

Aunt Ruthie took this photo of Jonathan while she was visiting us in Lake Jackson in 2001.
Love you!


Penny said...

How fun, and aren't you pretty! You look older than junior high in the one picture. That was fun. I clicked on the pictures to be able to see closer.

Ducky said...

My hair looks like Joey's in that last picture. Almost thankful I'm going bald lol