Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Remember the "Begats"

You know...in the Bible. He begat him. Then he begat him and him. Etc.

Well, my non-Biblical version is "Trash begat trash"! This is what I picked up beside the road when I went down to the mailbox today: Notice the Marlboro box? I've been picking those up since moving here in 2004. One time, he (I'm assuming it's a 'he' but it could be a 'she') threw away the wrong box. I picked it up and squeezed only to realize it wasn't empty. Snickering because he/she/it threw away a box nearly full of cigarettes, was I ever wide-eyed when I saw the contents. Pot! Yeppers... marygeewana! I wanted to call the Sheriff's office. Sam said that they'd never find out who it belonged to and told me to just toss it.

I am on a mission. As we visit with neighbors, I look to see if they smoke, and if so, what brand and type package. I'm thinking about having a block party...only my block covers miles and miles of county roads. I WILL find the culprit one of these days.


Ducky said...

Find which neighbors have teenagers of driving age.
Narrow it down to the skinnier guys and the girls, since it's Lights.
Look to see which ones have A) acne problems or B) eat constantly and don't gain weight.
Look in their cars for a bottle of cologne/perfume or a can of Ozium...

You now found you're pot-head

Ducky said...

"your" not "you're"


karenfae said...

I have been picking up empty beer bottles for 30 years out here - among other - sometimes nasty things - we live 20 miles from the next county which is wet - we are dry - why people can't wait to drink their beer until they get home is beyond me - instead they toss the empties out the window as they go.