Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gathering of the Clans

Sam and I really enjoyed the Scottish Tartan Festival yesterday! I saw a brief blurb on the local news earlier in the week, checked it out on the internet, and forwarded the information to Sam with a "Let's do this!" So, we did! We enjoyed the music, the dance, the food...Even though Sam thought the portions were small and stopped in Waskom TX for dessert...which became a full-fledged meal of salad, catfish, fries...with not even two hours passed since he ate lunch. LOL

Opening ceremony:Scottish Sword Dance:Notice the Irish dancers, watching her footwork.The Jackson (Mississippi) Irish dancers:Yes, the little once danced, too.Roll call of the clans:
Scottish Hieland cow:I have a varied Celtic heritage. Irish on my mother's side: Field and Phillips. Irish on my dad's side: Griffith. And Scottish on my dad's side: Glasgow. The Glasgow's were not highland Scots so therefore have no tartan. However the town of Glasgow developed a tartan back in 1992.Or I could wear the Texas Bluebonnet tartan designed in 1989. Both are registered in Scotland. I REALLY like that Texas Bluebonnet Tartan!!!


Lady Beekeeper said...

That looks like a fun, fun time. Loved the little dancer and the cow!

Darla said...

Sherry, I was sure this posting would end with a photo of Sean Connerery in "The Highlander" I am a little dissappointed.