Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Outside - Mostly

Yesterday I went to the Ag department plant sale and bought two ferns...Mondo I think...and two mother-in-law's tongue/snake plant/sanseveria to replace the two I over watered this winter. (Story here...I divided my plants last fall and took what I didn't keep to the high school ag department. So, I bought some of my own plants back. LOL)

The ferns are perfect! The water hose snaking across the yard is going out to the live oaks. I'm going to have to take some photos in the morning before the late afternoon sun bleaches out the colors.This batch of bluebonnets runs alongside the driveway down by the road. The third and final variety of daffodils are blooming.I made these cute bags after lunch today. The pattern is called Origami. I had three different sets of instructions so made one bag per instruction. I do have my favorite...the bug bag. I'll probably make some more. We are having a family gathering at my house Memorial Day weekend. The grand nieces would probably like them.


karenfae said...

we have been outside a lot here too - so much warmer and dryer air than normal.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I was recently introduced to the Orgami bags and I thought they were very clever. Your idea to give them at a family gathering is great!!