Monday, August 30, 2010

Flowers and Bushes

Even though it's hot and dry, I still have color in my planting beds out front. I pulled a few of these "weeds" before I realized what they were. I have black sunflower seeds in the bird feeder. This one survived. And it has three more buds ready to open! Here's my Coxcomb (Celosia). My azaleas on one side are so pretty and green. Then...there's these... What is going on here? The 'best' one of these three...and the word 'best' is subjective compared to not the now turning yellow. I need to soak the ground, then pour on the iron soil acidizer stuff. It won't be today. That half dead azalea is a replacement. So...if all three of these die, I want to dig the soil out and replace it. Sam dug out the red clay and brought soil from the back of the property to build the beds. No telling what the previous owners may have dumped back there...

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