Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I thought I was going to have to do a head thump...several times. Mama mentioned hiring someone to clean her floors. I said, "No! I'll be over and do them for you." Sigh.

You will notice that I have not mentioned that four letter word that is longer than four letters...exercise...in a week or so. Due to the quilt retreat in which my 4-Runner had a problem with a tree, then dealing with getting the 4-Runner to the body shop, and lining up a rental...I had not been to the gym but once in ten days. I made it yesterday only to find that I've got to build back up to the 20 minutes on the elliptical. Yesterday I made only 10 minutes on the elliptical, did the arm weight machines, and the full 20 minutes on the exercise bike.

I've decided that I will go to the gym Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Tuesdays are dedicated to Mama. Thursdays to the library and running errands.

Today was the first Tuesday. I changed her sheets...we've got that down pat. Then, she proceeded to tell me how to mop the floor!! **head thump**

Here's the mop.
I can get it Mama, go sit down.
Here's the bucket.
I can get it Mama, go sit down.
Let me move that.
**head thump**
No. You go sit down.
Just put that over there.
Okay. Go sit down.
Don't fill the bucket but half full.
**head thump**
Yes, ma'am.
Did the water get hot?
Oh. I don't pour the cleaner in the bucket.
I do.
She went to the living room to sit down.
And continued to talk...even though I couldn't hear her.
**head thump**

And that's how it went.

Oh, and how I love her!


Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, does that bring back memories!! Mama was the same way!!

JessicaSews said...

Oh, sigh!

Stopping by to say Hello and leave you with Quilt-y Hugs!

Penny said...

Sweetest post I've read in ages. You're a doll.