Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The side benefits of helping Mama, in addition to the unconditional love she's shown me all of my life...even those two-seconds (hahaha) of teenage rebellion... I brought them home yesterday and polished them today. I know the scalloped spoon is a sugar shell (sugar spoon). But that pretty spoon with the cutwork design. I've got to do a little investigating. Anyone have an idea? Found it! eBay has one up for bid right now. They don't know what it is either...just calling it a spoon. It's going cheap...only $2.95 with $2.85 postage. No bids yet.

On the other end of the spectrum, I found it here,vintage-silverplate-berry,1121795.html
for $38.50!!! What a difference in prices!! This site identifies it as a berry spoon.

Then there's this dresser piece. Isn't it just gorgeous and unique?! I have Sam's Aunt Joyce's deco hand mirror. They don't match...but they will compliment each other just fine. Found a photo of it.

None of the items are sterling silver...just silverplate...

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Florida Farm Girl said...

Could that other spoon be for olives or pickles??