Friday, August 6, 2010

Pears...OH MY! Texas Size!!

Finally! Sam severely pruned (as in cut ALL the limbs off!!) our two pears trees a few years back. After a few years of no pears...then one or two pears. WE GOT PEARS! TEXAS SIZE PEARS! And some little ones too. These are not the mellow eating pears but are 'hard' pears. They make the best pear preserves ever. But, yes we do eat them. They are so crunchy, sweet, juicy, absolutely delicious! We got not only pears today but a bit of rain. Just a bit. Hmmm...this photos barely shows it, but here's where it splattered on the porch. I, I mean...borrowed this photo off Facebook. This was the second place I worked. If I've posted it before...sorry. The first place was Pic-A-Rib. Dang! How'd you guess a barbeque place? You must all be psychics. ;o) The owners of Pic-A-Rib next started running F & F Root Beer. We kept thick glass mugs in the freezer and filled them with fountain root beer. Root beer ice would form inside the mug. It was soooo good.

I started working for the Fletchers when I was 14 and worked up through most of my senior year. By that time they had moved on and some self-important big shot came to town and purchased the business. After a few months of work, constantly listening to his illusions of grandeur, he split leaving us with two weeks worth of bounced payroll checks. His sister or cousin or whatever she was came in to run the place, but not with most of the staff he had shafted.

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