Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Too Busy!

Had a great weekend! Jonathan rode up on his motorcycle, a BMW, and spent the weekend with us. He didn't have to go to work until tonight so left this morning. But he did stop by the office so that I could see him one more time. I gave him a neck cooler made with those water absorbing polymer crystals. A short while back he called and had stopped for fuel for the bike and himself. He said that he got the best gas mileage ever...46 mpg! And that it was so hot that he really couldn't tell if the neck cooler made him feel any cooler and it kinda got in his way when he turned his head. I told him to loosen it a bit.

He rides with a padded jacket. But it is denim and even though it has air vents, I bet it gets hot! I know that I purchased a mesh jacket (with padding - they call it soft body armor) for summer riding...which I haven't done any this summer. Shoot. I haven't been on a bike since June a year ago!

I received a cute e-mail this morning. I changed part of it to suit me...
Where I work, I can name my own salary. I named it, Sean.

Oh...slowly...and slower even more. I've lost about seven pounds. July 28 was my first full month. So I wrote a check for another month. I skipped the gym Saturday to wash linens for Jonathan's bed (we had company the week before and I hadn't laundered the sheets) and to do my weekly wash so that I could spend my time visiting with my son when he got here. Then I also skipped exercising after work yesterday because he was still here. Today though...I'll be going to the gym..

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Kar said...

Sounds like you had a good visit with Jonathan. You are doing better than me as far as exercising and all. Not much here.