Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Bit of Texas in Australia

I "met" Aussie Cherry a year or so ago. She had the cutest photo in the header of her blog. Two of her grand daughters sitting on the beach, facing out to the sea. Cherry took a photo of them from behind. So cute! She has since changed the header several times.

Cherry and I have so many things in common. Not to mention the rhyming names. ;o) Her artistry lies in photography while mine is mainly in quilting.

Via her blog, I have followed her travels. She once stated that she purchases ornaments for her Christmas tree where ever she travels. I asked if she'd like to have a Texas ornament. Once agreed...I then had to find an ornament that was NOT Made in China. It was not an easy task. Last month Carol and I went to an arts and crafts show in Gladewater. We weren't there long...we like antiques and quilt...the artsy/craftsy stuff just wasn't our thing after all. We wound up in the antique stores. Before leaving the artsy/craftsy ground, I did find THE ornament.
I packaged it carefully, sent if off at the post office, and prayed that it would arrive in one piece. I did not e-mail Cherry. She got it! I hope she enjoys her bit of Texas each year.

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Cherry said...

She is and she will :) Wont be packing it away until AFTER Christmas, just keeping it close handy by the computer for now!