Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Reunion

First to arrive bearing good eats! Signing in, guessing candy count, etc. Good need to show more than the desserts. ;o) Eating and visiting. Door prizes included Joan's rendition of the old family house place. (Sam was born in the same room of this house that his dad was born in. Carol and I each won a blue gift bag with this in it! This 2 month old sweetie, Hunter, was the youngest in attendance. His big sister, Bailey, was excited to win the candy jar. She guessed a count of 75...missed by only 3. Bailey has to return next year with a jar of candy.

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Florida Farm Girl said...

Sherry -- your day went a lot like mine yesterday, except we had only one little one there. As my elderly aunt (in her ramblings put it), we've all gotten old and fat!!!

And I didn't dare take a picture of all the food there!!