Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blog Win

I wasn't going to mention this until I received my prize/gift...but I can't stand NOT to!

Kathy, you remember her. I met her in person at the Houston quilt retreat along with 9 other HGTV quilters...Oh, YOU know the retreat. The one that I went to and drove this home....
...Anyway, Kathy celebrated her precious granddaughter Aidan's seventh birthday with a seven day giveaway. Can you believe that someone did not respond in a timely manner? And I WAS SECOND CHOICE!!! But, don't cry for me. 'Cause IT'S HEADED MY WAY ALREADY!

Go visit Kathy at She's an artist. Not just with jewelry should see her CQ items. You've got the web address...go visit her!

I haven't felt this good in a long time.

Hi, Sean.


Yogi Gray said...

That is one gorgeous win! I am so jealous! (I'm Charcoalsmom from the boards.)

JessicaSews said...