Friday, November 12, 2010

Camper, Stump, etc.

Shortly after we got the camper and pickup we took a trip to Colorado. We purchased the camper because we were going to spend summers in Colorado after Sam retired, I quit my job, and we moved back 'home.' We didn't I mentioned at the family reunion that I would like to sell it. Just via word of mouth, we have several interested.'s what it looks like. Click on the photo to enlarge it. The front window is the 'bedroom.' The longer window is over the sofa. The little window is at the kitchen is the stove then refrigerator then bathroom. Other side of the bathroom is twin size bunk beds...going back to the front is a closet, the dinette, outside door...same bedroom.

Look at the clouds in the west. This morning about 8:30 or so.
The promised shot of the tree stump. I love the 'setup' on this. Wouldn't it make a neat painting?!

Never have taken a photo of my new Tahoe.
Here she is. Dirty. Half in the shade. But I love her! BTW, I've named her "Jewel" after her paint name...Red Jewel Tint-tone. I think it's appropriate.


Ducky said...

ARGH! Running Boards! Please tell me they're going away, yes?

Sherry said...

They need to. They definitely get in my way. I'll drag my tools out in a week or two and do the deed.