Friday, October 31, 2008

1st Anniversary Giveaway

I knew the competition would be hot and heavy! ;o) We are coming down to the wire. Friday, when we return from the drive across the Talimena Drive - yeah!!! - I will check back and have the names ready for Sam to do the drawing. Thanks for the compliments on my blog. I told "Your Son" about being called "fascinating." He laughed and said he had another word in mind. I know...he's not to far off from getting cut out of the will.
To celebrate the first birthday of my blog, I've decided to have a blog giveaway. For a chance at a machine embroidered patch for your motorcycle vest, just leave a comment. For a second chance, mention this on your blog (let me know so that I can come take a look). This is one of only four that I've made. While I 'designed' the layout, the embroidery designs were from .
I know that this will be a heavily sought after prize (LOL) and that the competition will be hot and heavy. I will do my best to keep up with your comments. Last date to enter will be Friday, November 7.
This is Sam's sewn on his vest.


califshrimp said...

HI! I'm the first! YIPPEE!!
I also ride my own cycle and quilt!
SO FUN to know someone else that does the same.
My husband and I ride together for enjoyment and the cool new places to EAT that we find!!
We LOVE Mom and Pop places to stop at.
I LOVE the Embroidery design, to cute!!
I'm not sure if this is the kind of comment you were looking for but hope it falls into the hopper for the prize.
Ride safe! And check the tire pressure after a big meal ;)
califshrimp from HGTVBB

Anonymous said...

Just found this Blog. Not a rider or owner just wanted to say I enjoyed your Blog. You are a fasanating person.

Toryam said...

Toryam wants a chance on this too! If only she could figure out how to leave a comment. ;o)

Sherry said...

anonymous, Thank you so much for the compliment!

The odds look good califshrimp and toryam! ;o)

Sherry said...

anonymous, Thank you so much for the compliment!

The odds look good califshrimp and toryam! ;o)

Lori said...

Hello Sherry! there are a lot of us out there that ride and quilt!
We own a Honda Goldwing AND a new Harley! we have been to Montana, (Long ride) NC, Florida many, many times, and all along the eastern seaboard. Love your blog! thank you for sharing it with us!!
Lori Kinney
Enfield, Connecticut!!!!

glen said...

While I am not a rider myself, I do have a strong connection to one. On our way home in our van, one dark moonless Friday night, we saw what appeared to be lights on the roadside where there should be none. So we slowed down.

As we approached I realized the lights belonged to a motorcycle and the bike was on its side; the rider laying motionless half in the street.

I told my husband to pull the van in front of the bike and keep traffic from hitting him while I called 911. I rushed to the side of the Motorcycle Guy, as he came to be known to me.

All my First Aid training from years ago flashed before my eyes. I changed into rote memory, asking him questions and relaying information to the 911 Operator. I knew there was a lot of blood so I kept him still and kept him talking. Time moved very slowly lying with him on the side of that dark road.

I realized at some point I needed to call his wife. He was lucid enough to tell me his wife's name and his phone number. But I thought about someone calling me with the story that my husband was in the hospital and robbing the house while I rushed down there. I needed to let her know this was for real. So I asked him what his pet's name was. He had two cats named Smurf and Harley.

At first she thought I was a biker buddy playing a joke on her. But when I told her the Motorcycle Guy had told me their cat's names, the realization hit her that this was for real.

Over the next year and a half I visited him in the hospital while he had 41 surgeries to rebuild his leg, 17 to fix his shoulder, hundreds of days clouded with pain and painkillers.

But through all this, when I would walk in his room, he would call me his Angel.

I am not sure I am really an angel; I do believe that without the strenght of his character, the love of his wife and the deep friendships of his biking buddies he would not have walked again.

I met many of the guys and gals who rode with him over the years. All were devoted friends and special people who never left his side.

The strength of the bike community is amazing. My Motorcycle Guy still walks with a slight limp, but he walks strong and in treasured company.

My life is better to have shared that bit of the road with him that night.


Saved Sinnr said...

I used to ride a little honda 125 back about 35 years ago when gas was still a quarter a gallon... buzzed around in my cut off jeans and bathing suit top ... had a fun time, but really wouldn't consider myself a bike rider (nor really would anyone else!)

OK, I'm registering for the give-away! Love your site, SR ... I check in all the time! Love your pic in the bluebonnets!!!!

Sherry said...

Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest!

Oh, my, Glen! You are an angel. Thank God you and your husband came along at the right time.

Agnes11 said...

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Sherry said...

Agnes, Thanks for visiting my blog, but no. This is a non-commercial site - I have no business.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry, I love that you have your own bike and I hope to also by next year...til then I ride on the back of my hubbies Harley (full dressed Electraglide). We do alot of riding here in MN...were out the last couple of days and probably will be again today before the snow starts flying. Unfortunately here in MN...our season is shorter but we get out as much as possible and LOVE it.

Good luck getting used to your big ol machine...ENJOY!

Put my name in your giveaway please, I'd love to win one of your originals.

AKA MelindaMG

kitryl said...

Ok. I'll enter for my DH Joe who has an old Honda and loves to ride. Now YOU ride in comfort. Nice motif-looks like a 2hr. stitchout there. Thanks for the opportunity. Keep smiling.

AKA Auntie Reba!!

Your Son said...

What a sad day for America this is. Before long, we will be no better that the CCCP.

tisme said...

I almost missed this giveaway. My DH has rode for over thirty years and I ride with him. We have been to the Myrtle Beach Bike Week a few times and hope to hit the Daytona Bike Week next year. I would love to win your patch.