Friday, October 31, 2008

Beautiful Day

What an absolutely beautiful fall day! We woke to temps in the mid-50s and it just got better - no higher than 77. After lunch, Sam and I took a ride and rode about a hundred miles. Before hitting the main roads, I told Sam I wanted to stop in the 'bottom' before getting to the farm-to-market road and 'shoot landings.' Well, the landings aren't the problem, it's the take-offs I'm having trouble with. I am so tired of stuttering, stumbling, burping, and killing the engine when I get started. Sure enough. First time I stopped and tried to start, I killed the bike three times. THEN, I realized that I wasn't in first gear. Sigh. Finally got going and was able to repeat several good starts until we got to the stop sign and the main road. I even did decent there! On the whole trip, I didn't have but two bad starts. Improving by baby steps - one at a time. Most importantly - I haven't dropped my bike since the first outing!

The scenery was absolutely gorgeous. So many trees are changing colors. Sam and I want to take a day car trip to Mena AR, drive across the Talimena Drive and then back home. We better hurry and do it before the color is gone. I don't think I could hold up to riding my bike that far right now...just one hour does me in. I also need to get something to exercise my clutch hand. It gets so tired; especially on winding farm-to-market roads like we were on today.

We stopped at a Sonic in Atlanta (TX not GA!). While we were sitting at one of the tables, one of the 'courtesy' employees asked if we needed napkins, mints, anything. Then she looked at me and asked if I road my own bike. I told her, "Yes." She smiled and said, "You go, girl!"

Oh, before I forget and I should've already posted this...friends in our H.O.G. chapter...their 17-year old son was killed in an auto accident earlier this week. Such a tragic loss. Please be praying for this family.

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Penny said...

I love that drive. It sounds like a perfect day!

So sorry about your friend's loss - that is just so painful.