Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back Home Again

We just got back from Lake Jackson/Bay City. Sam had his 55th high school reunion at Bay City. We stopped through Lake Jackson on the way to see Jonathan and treat him and his girlfriend to dinner. There's nothing like fresh from the Gulf fried shrimp...unless it's fresh from the Gulf fried oysters that we ate in Matagorda Saturday for lunch!

I delivered a 'care' package for Jonathan with home canned salsa, jellies, and preserves. I also handed over his lienne/tunic to wear with his kilt. He sent a photo.
Poor darlin' takes after his dad. Ron at 25 years old had really, really thin hair when we married. Jonathan is 25 now. He found his way to deal with thinning hair.
He and Sarah are going to the International Festival in Houston. This year honors Ireland. Jonathan has several Irish ancestors.

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Lisa said...

My son is turning 24 in July and his hair has been thinning for several years now. He takes after my brother who takes after my mom's brother.. He deals with it by keeping his hair very short, probably good since it's not only thin but very straight and fine.