Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kamakaze Bunting

What a shame. I found a dead Indigo Bunting on the front porch this morning. Evidently he tried to fly through a bedroom window. There's nothing that could've been done to prevent his unintentional suicide, but it's still sad.

It's not unusual to hear a thump and realize that a bird has tried to fly into the house. This is probably only the second dead bird that I've found in five years that I would pretty much bet died from hitting a window. In our master bath, we have a corner with a window on both walls (above the jacuzzi tub). Many, many times I've heard a bird hit one of those windows knowing full well that it intended to just fly through.

For a few springs running, we had a Taninger attack his reflection in my sewing room window. It would've been funny except he would start around 6 or 6:30 a.m. ...when we were still in bed. We eventually saw the female in the redbud tree just outside that window. She would sit and preen and ignore the amorous attention of the bird on her side of the window. I could imagine hearing her say, "Um-um! Look at the good looking hunk over there. My, my, my. I sure wish he'd give me a whistle." Then her boyfriend would attack him. LOL

Before going to bed at night, we made sure to shut the sewing room door so that we couldn't hear the fighting.

Gi, how's 127/77? That's the highest I've caught so far...

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Carol said...

Unfortunately we have the same problem with birds hitting the windows. Our indigo buntings stay farther away from the house , but the cardinals and phoebes are the kamikazis here. I don't know of any way to prevent it except heavy dark draperies and that is out for me. I can't give up the views of our farm and woodlands.