Friday, April 24, 2009

More Flowers

First, I checked my blood pressure yesterday afternoon...108/69. So that's not bad. I found some 'exercises' on WebMD for vertigo...sit on the bed....turn your head to the right...lay down to the left...sit up...look to the left...lay down to the right. Each time you let the swimming head ease up between each move. I did them right before going to bed. I was so sick feeling at first, but this morning I haven't felt bad at all. Of course I haven't bent over either!

It is a beautiful spring day! Temps are rising a bit each day but we haven't had to turn the a/c on yet. For the past two or three months our electricity has cost us $55 or so dollars. We could use a whole lot of that!

Yes, I still have bluebonnets even after the freeze before Easter. I am so very proud of my hostas. I planted six. Only three came up. The first year I thought I had duds...little did I know that each year they would get bigger ...and bigger.
My irises are in full bloom. The lonely purple iris is laying on the ground though.
The last variety of daffodils are blooming. Aren't they such dainty little things?!

This is a French hollihock.
I've found two or three volunteer plants. Unfortunately they are all in the yard at the edge of the designated flower bed. I need to keep Sam off of them with the mower which means that I have to :

1. Show them to him.
2. Do the close trimming around the house.
3. Show them to him again before he gets on the tractor.
4. Enlarge the flower beds.
5. Show them to him again. ;o)

Honestly, he's not really THAT bad. But close...

I have a hanging fern that I can't water. Earlier this spring, every time we walked near the front porch, a bird flew out of one of the baskets. I found five pretty blue eggs. Sorry, but I have been known to destroy eggs left 'on' my front porch...the mother bird poops everywhere and when she cleans the nest, she drops the baby poop everywhere too. I paid really close attention to the mama bird and finally saw her plainly. A bluebird. So, the eggs stayed. I don't know how many babies there are...but aren't they just so ugly that they are cute?
Remember the pear blossoms? I hope that the limbs are developing enough (after the severe pruning - and that is a gross understatement - that the trees received a few years ago) that I actually have enough to make at least one batch of preserves. Oh, and a few to put in the dehydrator would be nice too!


Kar said...

Hope you are feeling better now that you found some exercises to help out with things. :)

Love all your flowers and plants. So nice to look at. And the little birds are sweet! What a nice surprise. :)

Gi said...

Wow I am going to know the names of many flowers just by browsing your blog.

I had a robins next one time on my porch. The bird would fly in and if we were exiting the house, we'd all hault and wait to leave the house so we wouldn't scare her...oh how cute the baby birds kids where little and we'd pick them up so they could see the eggs......which just reminded me of the hamster my daughter had to have....and how my husband thought he look lonely, and he came home with a second who he said was a he......well the cage soon became rated X because she was he and was chasing the other hamster around ...yes my kids where amazed when the mother hamster gave birth to 11, yes 11! No more hamster after that.

So glad you took you blood pressure....but I still think you should check at your doctor.....!

Your blood pressure can change through out the day. Take it standing, sitting and laying down and see how much it changes.