Thursday, December 10, 2009


Bingo Bonnie talked about being a Mean Old Mom over on her blog.

Made me think about Jonathan when he was little and sweet. Little? Yes. Sweet? Sometimes. ;o)

When he didn't get his way he would call me "Meanie." I told him that was every Mama's middle name and that my name was "Mama Mean J****n."
I thought about something else. You know the time in your child's life when his eye is at the exact level of your elbow? You turn not realizing the he is RIGHT THERE.
"Waaaahhhh! Mama you hit me."
"Are you bleeding?"
"Then I didn't do it on purpose. When I mean to hit you, I'll make you bleed."

Oops. Then I prayed that the elbow wouldn't connect and bust his lip or something and make him bleed. Can you say Child Protective Services? Ssssh! Not out loud for the sake of every Mama out there!

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Kar said...

LOL!!!! I've heard that quite a few times myself. And remember the quick turn around with an occasional bump. :)