Thursday, December 10, 2009

It Ain't Easy Being....

Purple! I finished my second sock. And wore them to school Tuesday! One of the boys was upset...he was under some delusional belief that I was knitting the socks for him. I keep trying to tell him that his Spanish teacher will teach him how to knit...

I also wore my purple wave scarf! I looked snazzy...even if I do say so myself. The two items don't look as though they match, but the lighter purple in the scarf is the same color as the socks.

I made some quilt blocks and mailed them off to another quilter. On HGTV quilting message board, when someone is having a hard time with life, or a death in their immediate family, someone will generally volunteer to make a quilt for them. We make blocks and pass them on.

I pulled up at the library yesterday and look what was looking at me!

Hop on over to the Friends of the Daingerfield Public Libary's blog. (Check my sidebar for the link to click.) We had our first Breakfast With Rudolph. Emotions ranged from "What if no one shows up?" to "What if too many people show up?" LOL I don't know when someone thought to start a sign-in sheet, but we had 80+ people during the two hours the event was scheduled. One coffee urn was filled with 24 cups of hot chocolate...another pot had to be made! We had three boxes of donut holes...only 1/2 box was left. Our pigs ina blanket bakers, separated the fluffy canned biscuits and wrapped around Little Smokies. Just a few of those left. In a fit of, "What if we don't have enough food?" Two of us decided to make Rice Krispies Treats...mine were plain...hers had peanut butter in them. Just a handful left. We did good!

Now the photo taking and printing was another matter. We printed about 50 photos of kids sitting on Rudolph's lap. Problems? Yes. We had two very similar cameras. After the photographer, aka the librarian, took a few photos, we swapped out cameras. I removed the card, downloaded the photos to the computer, picked out what I considered was the cutest photo of the child(ren), printed it. Put card back in camera, swap with photographer.

This was a different program from what I am used to. On mine...if I leave photos on the card, my program does not download them again. The library's DID! As copy 1...and copy 2...and copy 3! Get the picture? So I started deleting the pictures from the card. Ooops...I deleted some pictures that had not been downloaded to the computer! Photographer did some retakes.

AND...we either have photographer error or camera problems. One round of picture taking had only ONE photo on the card. This has happened to her once before.

We made apologies around...more photos were retaken. Some people had to leave because of their time issues. Someone came into the library yesterday for a picture of her child, we looked. He wasn't there. Once again I apologized. She was very gracious. I told her that we should have the bugs worked out by next year. Fingers crossed!

So...we have swapped cameras, I have the library's camera and she has mine. We'll be taking photos and see if the problem pops up and which camera it pops up on. One more possibility could be with the card. Since the cameras are near identical...same brand, etc., they take the same card. We'll swap those out and see what happens.

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