Friday, December 11, 2009

Last Day Subbing of the Year...

Most likely anyway. Next week is end of semester testing before Christmas break. WHAT A DAY! If I'd had to call a principal one more time, I'm afraid that they would be investigating me instead of the kids.

I subbed in one class and during a break in the teacher's schedule was sent to another class. They wouldn't sit down and get quiet. I couldn't call hit the buzzer and summoned help. The principal gave them a pretty good lecture. Even after he left though, one table...teenage girls! Sheesh!!! Oh. I forgot to tell you. Freshmen!

Back in my scheduled class...fight. I ran between them. A girl and a boy. The girl was the aggressor! He kept his hand on her shoulder pushing her out of reach. When I got between them though, he would not retreat. NO ONE would push the buzzer. I had to run back to it...push it...shout "I have a fight" as I was running back to get between them. Some of the other guys were trying to keep them apart. One tried to get me to back off telling me that she would hit me. I guess I just don't have good sense. I was worried about her turning on him and involving another student. (Doesn't matter who is at fault, if you fight back even in defense, you still get detention or some sort of punishment.) I just said, "She's not going to hit me because she doesn't want to be in any more trouble than she's already in." We got them separated and dang if she didn't follow him and they got into it again. She hit him. He slapped her. Help arrived. I found out later...they are COUSINS! Why couldn't they wait until they got home?!

Change of subject...
It is in full bloom! So gorgeous. While I wish it would be blooming on Christmas day, this is better than not blooming at all!

I was with Sam the other day while he was looking for second-hand woodworking tools. We stopped at a second-hand store, and I found another cruet to add to the collection Mama gave me.

The shelf is just about full. Hmmmm...maybe I can squeeze in one or two more. ;o)Isn't this sad? All I can think is "What was SHE thinking?" Grandma made it so she HAD to wear it?

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