Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Things First

The memorial service for Mrs. W was beautiful! The previous night, the family had asked for remembrances. Many were short and sweet, a few were eloquent. When the officiant, a nephew of Mrs. W's finished reading the very last extremely beautiful tribute to Mrs. W, I thought..."End of service. NOTHING else needed." Of course, he continued. My mind wandered as I thought about the large family and numerous friends that this dear lady had. I gazed through the leaded glass window of the chapel. I really didn't hear much of anything else that he said. Nancy's tribute was enough.

OH! As you entered the chapel, a table had been set up with photos. Covering the table was one of Mrs. W's quilts! AND, instead of the usual blanket of flowers on the casket, another of her quilts was spread. Much, MUCH better!

I was so tired when I got home after working the library all day. But I made a bee-line to my sewing room. (
I took photos the previous day, but they had disappeared off the camera card. totododo-totododo They showed the floor laid but without the quarter-round.)

This is what I saw!
Quarter-round installed!! Sam had also filled the tiny nail holes. We - probably he since I'm working all week - will prime, then paint the quarter-round to match the baseboards. That's why the paper is protect the floor from the primer and paint.

Getting closer to moving back in!

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