Tuesday, February 16, 2010


BFF - since fifth grade - Earlene's mother died early Sunday morning. Mrs. W was such a sweet lady and at age 88 or so still lived alone. Until... She still went DANCING! Her ride was there to pick her up. Just as she got to the car, she fell, hit the concrete and broke her arm. To the hospital...to the nursing home for rehab. And should I mention that at her age, the rehab was minimum...if next to nothing. She never returned home. Her outlook and over all health deteriorated.

BFF is the librarian at our small public library. I am her sub. So after working all day yesterday (Monday), I arrive home, and see carpet and padding rolled up in the garage! The table saw is there too. I stuck my head in my sewing room. This is what I saw!
When Sam picked me up for lunch, I asked what he'd been doing. "Piddling." In your shop? "No. Didn't want to turn the heat on up there just to 'piddle' around."

I'm almost certain he is spending the day "piddling" around again. YIPPEE!!


Kar said...

It's going to look FAB! I like Sam's version of piddling around.

elsie123 said...

It's gone to look wonderful! I'd love to have the wood floors in the sewing room and my bedroom. Congrats on a helpful hubby!

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