Saturday, February 20, 2010

My NEW Room

This is it so far. Got a lot more stuff to store and put away. Sam cut the left L off the corner desk and attached it on the right...and...made a drop-deck for my sewing machine! He saved the cutout and fixed it so that it would drop back in the hole for when I add the embroidery attachment. I am soooo excited! Edited:
Sandy, The floors are Bruce laminated hardwood, Gunstock color. And, yes, Sam built a box under the desk...that's what you see in the photo. I'll take more photos and post later.

Karen, The frame is a Hinterberg. I bought the Easy Built Kit. Sam bought three lengths of conduit and a long board then put it together. Best I remember, cost was about $100 total. I really, really like it!


Kar said...

Very jealous here! I love how the wood floor looks. I really need to get to working on my room so that it is inspiring again.

Have a great weekend playing in your new room!

SandyQuilts said...

Yes lovely floors are they real wood? so beautiful.

You machine is there a shelf for it to sit on?

karenfae said...

love your new wood floor - what kind of quilting frame is that one - a 3 roller I can tell but wondered which brand?

Shogun said...

You already know I am jealous of your sewing room! You deserve a great sewing room. I think I was too silly for the PJ party....