Friday, February 19, 2010

Resting Tonight

Because tomorrow I get to start putting my sewing room back together! Which includes hooking up my printer, router, all that good stuff. I'll take a photo of the floor then and download it to my computer so that I can show y'all. Sam did some work on my sewing table too. It's a corner computer desk. He cut off the left L and moved it to the right. Well...I'll show it to you some time this weekend.

In the meantime, I made these before I tore the room apart.
I was confused about something, but still... Pat handed me three tablecloths back in November. Two to cut around the stains for napkins for the catering we do as library friends. I thought she said that the white cloth I cut up was her grandmother's. So, I made the pillows. I e-mailed her Monday to tell her that I needed to talk to her and to come to the library. She called and asked, "What have I done?" LOL She brought her daughter for backup. Which turned out good for Mary, because Pat handed one of the little pillows to her. Even though the white fabric in the center of the CQ block and the back of the pillow (with some stains) was NOT her grandmother's tablecloth, she does have something in honor of her grandmother.

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Shogun said...

Wish you were at the PJ party!