Monday, February 8, 2010

Hero? Or not?

I agree with the comment Kar left on yesterday's post...concerning the overpaying of football players...and the stupidity of the commercials and the companies who paid so much for 30 seconds of air space.

When did sports players become "heroes"?? When did they lay down their life for someone else...or even for a ideal worth dying for? Whose life did they save? They laugh all the way to the bank. And I wouldn't even address the lack of morals so many seem to embrace except for the fact that way too many children, teens, and young adults emulate them.

Why do they garner such inflated salaries?

And the commercials! One would flash by and Sam would ask, "What are they selling?"


karenfae said...

that was me last night - several times I had to ask "what were they selling"!

Shogun said...

Just think if all that money went into fighting diseases or something else.