Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow is Gone! ALREADY!!

Yep. It doesn't take long in northeast Texas to go from lotsa snow to no snow. There's very little left. The electricity was off from about 10 a.m. Friday until about 10 a.m. Saturday. Sam waited until about mid-afternoon before hooking up the generator hoping that the electricity would be back on. Wishful thinking. But what to do while we had no electricity?

Remember this? I think I showed it a couple of posts back. I needed to clean out my sewing/quilting room and the floor of this stash closet so that we can get the carpet out and lay new wood flooring. So...before:
And after! Of course, I still have lots of stuff in the guest room all over the place and plan on sorting as it goes back into the closet. But just about everything you see on the shelves in the before photo is still on the shelves in the after photo. I threw away very little. Hmmm...just scrolled up...the before photo doesn't show much of the shelves...just what's in the floor. So, trust me. All of the shelves were as jumbled as the partial two bottoms shelves you can see in the before photo. Quilters/sewers/knitters/crafters understand.

I've been extremely, kinda, diligent about not purchasing any more fabric unless it is to complete a project. And I think I've done pretty good. I was surprised at how much my stash has gone down. Before Sam retired, I used 50% off coupons at Joanns in Lake Jackson and purchased fabrics for specific quilts. I folded them together and tied a strip of cloth around each 'quilt kit' and slipped a piece of paper under the tie with the quilt that that specific fabric was supposed to be. I am down to just FOUR uncut quilts. Then I get to start buying all over again!! LOL I do need to make a few scrap quilts to get rid of some of the remnants of fabrics in the top two shelves.

I used my blue scraps to make a sample French Braid before cutting my homespuns. It made a lap-size quilt. I need to do the same with the pinks, then the reds.

Knitters! On the bottom shelf, the whitish/clear container with the green lid...there's one on each side of the red yarn in the zippered linen bag. Those are giant economy size containers for the Cascade gel-packs. The one on the left has green yarn in it and the lid kept popping open, so I turned it upside down. When I get to the yarn in the sacks in the guest room, I'm thinking about putting my leftover sock yarn in the other container.

We went to bed last night without any heat. Got up this morning and the house was about 61 degrees. Not bad considering it was 29 outside and we hadn't had heat on since 9 p.m. last night.

I played in the snow yesterday a little bit. Couldn't get Sam to round me up a piece of cardboard so that I could slide down the hill. We have the neatest hill out front...covered with snow...and no kids to slide down it! I started to call the neighbor kids over so that they would play with me...but when I was outside they weren't.

I had a few comments on some previous posts:
Kar: Wood heater...No thanks! That's how Ron (Jonathan's dad) and I heated our home for several years. I remember in 1983, big and pregnant, loading firewood in the heater. The only gas heater we had was in the bathroom. When we no longer had wood to cut that cost us only our labor and had to start buying firewood, we found that propane was as cheap as...and wasn't as dirty. And you certainly don't bring scorpions, spiders, and snakes in with the gas as we did with the firewood.

Karenfae: Generator...No problem for me! ;o) Sam's the one who had to do the hook-up and keep it fueled. But...I've got to learn how to do it too. Sam said something about showing me how. I told him I wanted a 'procedure manual.' Show me this year, drag it out next year (but in our area more like 5-7 years from now) and expect me to remember. HAH!

FFG: I made a snow angel. You should've seen me floundering around like a beached whale trying to get up outta the snow. Come on and eat my cooking...we'll be twins. ;o)

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karenfae said...

we have a fireplace that can keep the house pretty comfortable if we have the blower working so when we loose power we hook up the generator and it keeps the blower going, lights in the living room, tv, computers, refrigerator and we are pretty much set - no hot water and no light in the bathroom but a flashlight set up works pretty well and one can always heat water when needed. All in all though I hate it when we loose power. I generally have never had trouble bringing things in with the firewood but I always kind of knock the wood around first to make sure nothing is on it :)