Thursday, February 11, 2010


So sorry to those of you who have waaaay more than you ever wanted, but this is only the second dusting I've seen in about 15 years. The first one since moving back to northeast Texas didn't even keep me from going in to my sub job at high school...and was gone before noon. I am going to enjoy this as long as it lasts.The worst part will be first thing in the morning when the roads are frozen and covered with black ice. But us smart people simply stay home. If it's not gone Friday, it will be gone Saturday. When Carol saw my pizza peel, she asked, "Where's mine." Here! Sam is doing better. You can see the improvement between mine on the left and hers on the right. I got my flooring! It has to sit and acclimatize for 72 hours. In the meantime, I have to clean out the floor of my closet...and move out the furniture and 'stuff' in my sewing room. It's gonna be a loooong end of week and weekend.


karenfae said...

enjoy the snow even if it is just a little bit. Our six inches that we got a couple days ago is still with us and has hardly melted, it has been too cold and not sunny. The storm you have might not get all the way up to us from what I heard, maybe some flurries tonight but that is all.

lani said...

you go girl you have been buzzziieee...god bless

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, you got the good stuff for your floor. Way to go. I have carpet but, believe it or not, I like it. Makes the room quieter and warmer. No snow here, just COLD rain. Inland they may be having some snow. I'm with you -- I'm ready for SPRING!!!!!

Girl, if I was near your house, I'd be a blimp!!! You cook good!!!